Fabric Masks

According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies have been exhausted. Prior to modern disposable masks, washable fabric masks were standard use for hospitals.

Below you will find a slew of instructions, videos, and downloads on how to make fabric masks to support frontline healthcare workers. Several of the patterns below have been specifically requested by different hospitals across the United States.

When we know what Arizona Hospitals are requesting, we will include their information on the donation section, and incorporate their templates on this page.


Stillwater Medical Center - Preferred Mask

Face-masks: A picture Tutorial; This is the preferred masks of Stillwater Medical Center in Oklahoma.   The link shows two (2) layers - this Hospital prefers four (4) layers. Please use cotton or poly-cotton fabric. Also, they must have adjustable straps (elastic, ribbon, or fabric ties).  These masks WILL NOT be used for healthcare workers interacting with patients of COVID-19 but will allow them to save their N95 masks and PPE for healthcare workers who will be. 


This Chinese-based website, HKMASKS, provides masks with two-different filter options N70 and N90, with a disposable middle layer.  It includes tutorials, downloads and instructions for different sizes (Child/Adult)

Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital - Surgical Masks

Providence St. Josephs launched a 100 Million Mask Challenge in response to COVID - 19. They sent out kits to community members, this video on how to sew surgical masks was made for folks provided homemade face mask kits by this hospital. The fabric isn’t something you can easily get, but the directions for sewing the mask are clear and straightforward. At the bottom of this page are instructions on how to make a face shield as well, there is a demand for these in addition to masks. 

Tufts Hospital - Requested Mask

Tufts Medical in Boston has asked the community for these homemade face masks . The only mask on this site that doesn't require folded pleats, It has a pocket on one side and acts as a cover for the paper face masks health professionals use. Here are instructions, and here is a link to the Face Mask Sewing Pattern.

Hepa Filter Mask

Using a standard filter HEPA bag, an OHSHA certified material that filters out 99.97% of airborne particulate matter. This diy face mask can help save lives.

How to make a facemask with Filter

Family-owned textile company Wazoodle Fabrics did some good research and shares 3 Fabrics That Can Be Used to Make a Facemask.  Seriously, the detail here can not be replicated.

Unfortuentely, they may not be able to fill new orders of these fabrics, as the State of Pennsylvania is currently considering textile mills non-essential and has ordered them to close. 

How to sew a simple facemask

Deaconess Hospital Preferred Facemask - INDIANA